How long will my tattoo last?

Typically, your tattoo will last for 2-7 days (up to a few weeks) depending on 2 key factors:

1. The area that you applied your tattoo on.

2. How you take care of your tattoo.

Here are some tips to prolong your tattoos!

1. Avoid scratching your tattoos.

2. Avoid friction against your tattoos.

3. Make sure your tattoo is applied correctly. (Please follow our steps!)

How do I apply my tattoo?

Ensure your skin is clean and dry, free of makeup, oil, dirt and residue. (You might consider shaving certain areas before applying the tattoos)

1. Remove clear plastic from the selected tattoo.

2. Apply tattoo firmly on the skin, with design facing the area of application.

Make sure you are relaxed; your skin is not contracting/stretching.

4. Soak a towel in cold water and gently apply firm pressure against the tattoo for at least 30 seconds.

Make sure backing paper is completely WET.

5. Slide the backing paper off gently.

Ensure backing paper is completely wet before removing it. If it isn't completely wet,  re-apply cold water before removing it.

6. Optional - For a more realistic effect, apply the mattifying gel.

Here's a video for you:


How do I remove my tattoo?
Gently rub it off in the shower using warm water or baby oil.
When will I receive my tattoos?

The timeline below illustrates the transaction process.


 Is this safe?
Our products are dermatological tested but we would recommend customers to perform a skin allergy test prior to each application using the small tattoo we provided in our kit.
Can I buy the tattoo designs and make it exclusive to me?
Yes, you can! Do drop us an email to find out more.
What type of designs must I submit for custom tattoos?
Any designs can be done but please be reminded that it will be on a transparent background. Feel free to squeeze your tattoos into a sheet of A4, A5, A6.  Please do not submit copyrighted images (We do not support the stealing of artworks) 
Can I sell my artwork as temporary tattoo designs on your webpage?
Of course you can! Do drop us an email to find out more.
Do you offer bulk discounts?

Large-scale events are definitely welcome by us! Parties, D&D, you name it, we do it!

Do email us at info@tattooink.co for special quotes on bulk orders.

 Do you ship internationally?
YES, WE DO! Feel free to contact us at info@tattooink.co with regards to your location and we will get back to you about the handling fees.